Issue 8 Available Now!

Contributors, your copies have shipped!

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ISSUE 8 copies are from a limited printing and are hand numbered.

With the release of issue 8, we’re announcing the end of digital issues. The regular, print issues will still be sold in the store, but after much deliberation, we’ve come to the inevitable conclusion that it simply won’t be possible to continue the digital issues. 

Some may notice issue credits in the next issue. This is new. Up to now, the only credits in the book were creator credits, meaning the only names in and on the book were the names of content creators. This was an intentional effort of trying to leave credit where credit is due. It was a deliberate effort to give contributors all the credit for the book. The intention was going out of our way to prove that we’re not just trying to make a name for ourselves on the backs and works of others. We didn’t give credit to a “creator” of the magazine, there were no editing credits or any sort of publishing credits.

Why change publishing credit now, you may ask? One long term goal from the start, was to include more people in the production side. As more people contribute to producing the magazine, it’s only right that they have to opportunity to claim credit, and add the publication to their portfolio, resume, etc. We’re simply moving in the direction to make that easier for them.

Instead of traditional publishing credits, we’ve opted to include a “committee” credit for each issue. It’s the people who’ve worked on that issue, and includes everything from editing to designing to production.

If you’re interested in volunteering, click on the volunteer tab on the left of the website and let us know. We’d love to have all the help we can.